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Why do more and more salons around the world insist on UltraTress Hair Extensions?

UltraTress 100% Remy human hair extension applications do not damage hair and remove much easier than other applications on the market today.

Start applying the world’s leading extensions today.

UltraTress is a brand of Hair Visions International. We have been in the hair business since 1975 and have played a key role in pioneering innovative hair solutions for both women and men. UltraTress Human Hair Extensions is customer-focused. We provide stylists with the best hair and the most comprehensive education to ensure that your experience in their salons is educational, rewarding and fun!

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UltraTress® is a salon-exclusive brand, dedicated to our team of professional stylist that partner with us to provide an exceptional salon experience. Learn more about our products and the benefits of carrying UltraTress® in your salon.

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